Echigo – Protein-Reduced Rice for CKD



ECHIGO is a leading protein-reduced rice brand from Japan, which is ideal for use in pre-dialysis chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients.

Patients with CKD are placed on a low-protein diet in order to prevent the progression of the disease by easing the workload of the kidney.






Benefits of Low Protein Dietary Therapy


Consumption of Echigo instead of regular rice provides a balanced protein and energy intake. Generally, an individual with a low-protein diet is not given much freedom to choose main dishes and viands. Limiting the number of viands will in turn result in inadequate intake of energy. Replacing regular rice with Echigo helps balance these two since the amount of protein supposedly removed from limiting the main dish is already removed from the rice. In this case, one can have more freedom to try protein-dense dishes with higher biological value and thus, enjoy a better quality of life.

Echigo Features

The kidney is one of the precious organs of our body. It filters toxins and eliminates them from our system. No wonder everyone is doing many ways to ensure that they got healthy kidneys. BiotechJP’s breakthrough launched a pioneering product in the Philippines, which belongs in the therapeutic rice category.

Amazingly, Echigo rice was formulated to ensure a low protein diet to avoid kidney problems and complications through modern Japanese technology. It is ready-to-cook rice, which makes it more convenient to eat. Improved packaging technology has been used to ensure a longer shelf-life for food storage purposes. Indeed, eating rice has never been the same. Echigo is just one of the proofs that lifestyle and health can be both improved and beneficial for everyone, especially for those who got kidney health conditions.


Protein-Reduced Rice

Regular white rice contains 5.8g of protein per 200 grams. Compared with Echigo, its protein is insanely reduced with the values of 0.6g of protein per 200 grams! That is why this is highly recommended for individuals who are experiencing kidney problems. It also balances the intake of protein and energy requirements. For patients, proteins are then easily regulated without sacrificing the pleasure of eating rice.

A protein-reduced diet is also recommended for those with liver dysfunction who lack enzymes to digest a particular amino acid. Echigo can assist you in getting rid of the symptoms. However, our product is a functional food rather than a medicine. It is always recommended to visit your doctor.

rice comparison

How to Prepare

Echigo is 200g in weight. It has been pre-cooked and well packaged. For preparation, it only requires 2 minutes in the microwave. The good thing about Echigo is it can be stored for 12 months and can be included in the food stock of every household.

What is Diabetes

Instructions for heating in the microwave:

  1. Open the package a little.
  2. 2 minutes in the microwave to warm.
  3. Place on a platter, ready to be served.
What is Diabetes

Reheating in a pot of boiling water:

  1. Maintain the integrity of the package.
  2. Immerse in a pot of boiling water for 15 minutes.
  3. Place on a platter, ready to be served.

Monetary Benefit

We all know that life will never be the same again when kidneys fail to function. This is where all the medication enters, including scheduled check-ups and other tests. But the most expensive and challenging part is when the patient starts to undergo dialysis. It needs compatible blood transfusions and not to mention blood donors who will donate blood replacements for the patient. The machinery and the facilities are also added to the bills. That’s why health, especially, must be really taken care of.

Due to the increasing numbers of kidney patients nowadays, BiotechHP has improved Echigo’s formulation, which helps patients with their health conditions. Echigo intake would delay CKD’s progress and results in deferring the need for dialysis. This prevents kidney complications. On the other hand, this could be considered much cheaper than dialysis for patients who already have kidney problems. Their protein intake will be regulated, thus preventing them from having complications.

Ease the burden of your kidney’s work!

Enjoy life and get our Echigo protein-reduced rice now!

Please consult your doctor and /or dietician for medical concerns. This functional food is not intended to be used as a pharmaceutical treatment or a substitute for the medical management of the disease.  It is encouraged to maintain a balanced diet of staple foods, main dishes, and side dishes.

Your Guide in Managing Chronic Kidney Disease

In collaboration with DOST Food and Nutrition Research Institute (DOST-FNRI), these books are available to help you manage your condition and let you live a healthy and normal lifestyle.

  • Dietary Guide and Recipe Book for Hemodialysed Patients with CKD

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  • Dietary Guide and Recipe Book for Non-Dialysed Patients with CKD

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  • Dietary Guide and Recipe Book for Hemodialysed and Non-Dialysed Patients with CKD

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Frequently Asked Questions

How did you reduce the protein content of pre-cooked rice?

Through the process of fermentation infused with Japanese technology. We achieved protein-reduction with the help of plant origin lactic acid bacteria isolated, studied and developed in Japan.

How many percent (%) of protein was reduced?

About 92% % of protein in rice was reduced compared to pre-cooked packed rice, this is equivalent to 0.6 g of protein per 200 g. of rice.

How would I know if it is effective?
The effectivity of the product differs from one person to another. It depends on your diet plan and distribution of the reduced protein from rice, of which we have a dietary and nutritional guidebook that you can read and follow.
How can Echigo delay the progression of chronic kidney disease?
A well-planned nutritional diet for patients with chronic kidney disease will supply the enough nutrients that the body needs, in return can delay dialysis and progression of the illness. This is why we recommend Echigo, our protein-reduced rice variant, to people suffering from CKD, so that they can plan a well-balanced meal for a better quality of life. We also have a collection of guidebooks that is sold at a very reasonable price.
Your product is protein-reduced, what if I want high-value protein for my patients?
Protein content in the diet of a chronic kidney disease patient needs to be controlled, this is the reason why we recommend this protein-reduced rice. If you want higher protein, we can achieve it by adding other dishes in the well-balanced diet. We can provide you with a guidebook that you can read and follow, at a very reasonable price.
If I am diagnosed with an early stage of kidney disease with an existing case of diabetes, what products can you recommend?

We highly recommend Echigo, a protein-reduced rice variant, for patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). You can include our product to your diet so that you can have a wider choice of dishes. Of course, consultation with your dietician is highly advised.

Are there clinical studies that support your claims?

A study conducted by BiotechJapan in conjunction with PhilRice corroborates with our claims and verified that consumption of Echigo improves CKD patients’ quality of life.

Can I still eat normal rice after eating Echigo?

Yes, but we highly recommend patients with CKD to have a constant and well-planned balanced diet. 

For how long should I incorporate Echigo in my diet to see results?

A well-balanced diet for everyone is important to have a better quality of life. Chronic kidney disease patients, especially, need to monitor their intake of certain nutrients. Inclusion of protein-reduced rice can aid in the slow progression of the disease and we highly encourage them to use it in this lifelong battle.