BiotechJP exists to empower Filipinos to be able to access quality, safe, and innovative food products that can help them prepare healthy, convenient nourishing meals.

We want every family member to live a healthy, happy life, where they can gather together around the table to enjoy laughter and love.


To promote dietary practices to Filipinos to prevent and better medical conditions tailored in a way that does not create drastic diet alterations.

To constantly innovate biotechnology in the Philippines through conduct of research and experiment.

To help ameliorate economic conditions of the country through provision of jobs and sharing our technology.


Our brand aspires to be the leading Filipino modern rice brand known for offering holistically nutritious and easy-to-prepare rice meals.

Our Purpose
Educate more people on how to create a healthy and fit lifestyle through a simple and easy eating habit.

Core Values





President’s Message

“Philippines is a country I hold so dearly. My dream is to help the Filipino community…

And for the rest of my life, I would like to devote it here in the Philippines. “
Kiyosada Egawa



On April 4, 2015, we had our humble beginnings with barely anything except for a noble vision to help ameliorate the lives of Filipinos. It is practically unusual for someone from a foreign land to have such a great passion to serve a developing country. But, the Japanese father of BiotechJP, Mr. Kiyosada Egawa, is no ordinary person.

We pioneered the production of ready-to-heat and ready-to-eat rice in the country. In such a developing land as the Philippines, introducing the concept of convenience is either embraced with astonishment or skepticism. However, fueled with the philosophy that the access to an easy life for our fellow countrymen is a right, not a privilege, we struggled to bring our products to everyone.

Little by little, we made our way to the market learning the ins and outs of the Philippine industry.

The Parent Companies

Our founding fathers from Biotech Japan come from the vast agricultural province of Niigata, Japan. Their world-class facilities house at least 3,000 strains of plant-origin lactic acid bacteria using state-of-the-art equipment for cultivation and preservation.  which they use to enhance the functionality of a food item.

In 2018, BiotechJP became a Filipino company as we welcomed new partners from EEI Corporation who sat in majority of the list of shareholders. It’s only natural to wonder why a construction-based giant would invest on food retail however, the former’s aspiration for diversification justifies this decision.

The union of these two companies hailing from endmost opposites of the business spectrum is expected to bring out synergistic effects to our company.