Students from Rikkyo University, also known as Saint Paul’s University, visited BiotechJP yesterday, September 2, 2019, in our Batangas office. Rikkyo University is a leading liberal arts teaching and research institution, and is the largest Anglican Christian affiliated university in Japan.

Here’s our chairman, Mr Kiyosada Egawa, presenting BiotechJP’s background and involvement in Rice Revolution 21 and partnership with EEI Corporation. Also, Assistant General Manager, Trisha Garcia, and Production Manager, Jenelyn Calongcalong, also discussed the production processes made to produce InstaRice, Rice to Go, Echigo, and Gohan Lite.

After BiotehcJP’s presentation, students from Rikkyo also made a presentation about their university campuses. We also had open forum discussion to give chance to students who have questions about the company and the products offered.

To give them first hand experience, students observed and watched our production team while they perform different processes on rice production. We also introduced to them the products being manufactured by BiotechJapan.