Low Protein Dietary Therapy

Benefits of Low-Protein Dietary Therapy


Consumption of Echigo instead of regular rice provides a balanced intake of protein and energy. Generally, individuals on a low-protein diet are not given much freedom to choose main dishes or viands.

 Limiting the number of viands will, in turn, result in inadequate intake of energy.

 Replacing normal rice with Echigo helps achieve a balance between these two since the amount of protein supposedly remove from limiting the main dish is already removed from the rice.

 In this case, one can have more freedom to try protein-dense dishes with higher biological value and thus enjoy a better quality of life!

Introducing Echigo


ECHIGO is the first protein-reduced rice in the Philippines recommended for use by pre-dialysis chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients.

 It helps patients maintain kidney function and prevent the progression of CKD.

 ECHIGO was originally developed in Japan and was then specially adjusted for Filipinos by BiotechJP, PhilRice, and FNRI.

 It is available as pre-cooked rice in a pouch, tray packaging, and as an uncooked rice grain.

Quality of Life Benefit


Increase enjoyment of meal times.

Increase ease in making dietary choices that are low protein and high energy.

Preserve the quality of life in the pre-dialysis state.

rice comparison

Monetary Benefit


Dialysis is incredibly expensive, and coverage by Phil health and private insurance is often insufficient.

The use of Echigo delays the initiation of dialysis and is a huge cost saving- saving alternative for CKD patients.

Please consult your doctor and /or dietician for medical concerns. This functional food is not intended to be used as a pharmaceutical treatment or a substitute for the medical management of the disease. It is encouraged to maintain a balanced diet of staple foods, main dishes, and side dishes.